Share your fablanthropy!

Much good happens every day in the nonprofit world. And we want to hear about it! Fundraisers, we’d like to hear your success stories…big and small. By passing on the positive energy, we all benefit.

To help the process along, we’ll focus on different themes for different days of the week. Note: this does NOT mean I’m posting 5 days a week every week! But some weeks I might. You never know 🙂

  • Mission Mondays: for those moments where the mission and philanthropy make a perfect match.
  • Technical Tuesdays: back to the basics … how has a technique made fundraising life good for you lately?
  • Women Wednesdays: female fablanthropy featured here 🙂
  • Thankful Thursdays: stewardship … how are you thanking your donors?
  • Fabulous Fridays: the sky’s the limit! Your brag moment of the week, a personal success or anything covered above is fair game.

I look forward to hearing from you! Email me at if you have a thought to share with your fellow fundraisers.

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