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#sm4events recap: Questions from the #AFPFC session

2016-03-20 11.13.06

Last week at the Association of Fundraising Professionals International Fundraising Conference in Boston, Mass., Josh Hirsch and I presented a session on social media strategies for special events. During that session, we used a tool Sli.Do, which allowed audience members to submit questions as well as vote on polls related to the presentation.

Below are questions submitted by attendees during the presentation. Happy reading (it’s a long one, so grab some coffee and a snack!), and let us know if these answers spur more questions … we are happy to help! If you are interested in bringing #sm4events to your local chapter, let us know!

Overall Strategies

  1. My org. has many departments and I run SM alone, what is an effective way to manage social media (Hootsuite etc.) and train other employees to provide content?
  1. My Board members are old. I’ve tried explaining the importance of investing in social media by showing them statistics, etc. Any tips?
  1. How do you convert a social media “friend” into a donor?
  1. How can we research a potential hashtag?
  1. How do you effectively use social media, if your organization is limited because of the vulnerable population(s) they serve?
  1. Any tips on social media ideas for peer-to-peer fundraising events? For event participants to use and promote their own fundraising pages.
  1. My organization’s federation has 75+ offices globally, each with its own social media presence. Any advice for synthesizing message/brand?
  1. Isn’t the best social media platform based more on your organization’s audience/donors?
  1. It seems social media is a moving target … That said, how do you determine when to shift emphasis between evolving and existing platforms?
  1. Is it best to out source social media if you’re a one man show?

          What is your opinion on hiring a consultant to help with social media?

  1. In terms of app development, how would you suggest pitching it as a very large project to a team that doesn’t understand what marketing/ad/pr/comm is?
  1. Do social media influencers only work for events?
  1. Aren’t there legalities that prohibit encouragement to engage with specific posts?
  1. Suggestions for tailoring app and social messaging for clients (healthcare) and donors so that it is separate but equal?
  1. Any tips for increasing engagement?
  1. Can you show us a successful mental health NPO’s social media?
  1. How easy is it to set up app? Site??



  1. What age group would look at Pinterest content?
  1. Is Eventbrite better for a younger audience? What would be the ideal age range for using it?
  1. My agency has a concentration on seniors. After FB, what platform is (or do you see becoming) the next hot platform for the upcoming generation of seniors?


Application Specific Inquiries

  1. What are some strategies to gain Twitter followers that are local and relevant instead of random accounts who just want followers?
  1. Would love to hear about Snapchat too.
  1. Example of Facebook strategy (goal)
  1. I thought Twitter was slowing down rather than gaining?
  1. What are best practices on paid/promoted Instagram posts?
  1. What is the advantage to using Eventbrite vs. your own website?
  1. What should you do if your Facebook followers request to friend you instead of like the page?
  1. How many people should have access to a Twitter account for a NP?
  1. Which is better to use Eventbrite v Blackbaud’s event page?
  1. Why not G+ in the list of social media platforms in this session? Is G+ done?
  1. Am I the only one who doesn’t know where to go on the web for tweets?
  1. For Twitter you made reference to a shortened URL, can you explain further??
  1. What is the difference between YouTube and Periscope?
  1. Why Eventbrite opposed to using the tools through PayPal?
  1. What is blue check mark?
  1. How large of a photo can you put up on Twitter when posting?
  1. What software do you use to edit your videos?
  1. Logistic question, for your video, did you have media releases for every person that waved?


A Closing Thought (congrats if you made it this far!)

The management of SM is so daunting!

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