Bringing back the Fab

It’s been a little quiet here on the Fablanthropy site. Certainly not for lack of activity, as I’ve been on the road quite a bit in the past year. The last year also had me firmly in capital campaign mode, and I was lucky to see the project I was working on make it to groundbreaking day.

And then I moved about 400 miles east and returned to higher education fundraising. It’s a big change, but a good one…one which will give me more time to focus on giving back to the profession which has given me so much. And I’m asking for your help to get the Fablanthropy flowing:

1. A bevy of blogging. Expect to see more here on the site. In addition to resharing great content, I’m also looking for suggestions, particularly in the themes below (but not limited to this schedule):

  • Mission Mondays: for those moments where the mission and philanthropy make a perfect match.
  • Technical Tuesdays: back to the basics … how has a technique made fundraising life good for you lately?
  • Women Wednesdays: female fablanthropy featured here 🙂
  • Thankful Thursdays: stewardship … how are you thanking your donors?
  • Fabulous Fridays: the sky’s the limit! Your brag moment of the week, a personal success or anything covered above is fair game.

2. Bring Fablanthropy to your organization. I’m not traveling for the rest of 2017 (I’m doing plenty of travel for the new job!), but I am booking ahead into 2018. I’m also available to work with organizations virtually, or within a few hours’ drive of New Orleans. Ways we can bring the Fablanthropy to you:

  • Presentations for professional association meetings/conferences
  • Webinars
  • Volunteer trainings
  • Writing/editing content (print/email/social)
  • General consultation

I look forward to hearing from you! Email me at with feedback or referrals.

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