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Getaway to gain insight

As we are about to dive back into the grind of a new year, I have a challenge for you: schedule time off. I know many of us just came off a holiday, but I promise you by making time away from the day-to-day a priority, you’ll be sure you stay refreshed the whole year long.

I made a second trip to the Getaway House site in Meadville, MS (north of New Orleans) at the end of December. I find a change of scenery allows me to reflect and think in ways I just can’t at home. It also gives me more uninterrupted time for reading (thanks to my stays, I polished off 42 books in 2022!).

While I have three trips planned to return to the cabin in 2023, how am I going to maintain this spirit throughout the year? Here’s a few tips I picked up from all that reading:

Self-care is so important, especially in the nonprofit industry where we work so hard to take care of others. On that note, I invite you to sign up for our quarterly email newsletter … the January edition will include details on a FREE self-care workshop and meditation at the end of the month. You can also check out the latest Philanthropy Porch Ponderings episode when you need a quick reminder, or throwback to Episode 15 for a more in-depth discussion.

How are YOU planning to getaway this year? Let us know! And PS-if you want to book your own Getaway House trip, here’s a code for $25 off your first visit!

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