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Embrace the unexpected

I’ve shared before the importance of breaks to rest and recharge. This quarter, I decided to return to my first love, the beach. I have fond memories of my time as a beach baby growing up along the Gulf Coast, and trips to Alabama and Florida are vivid among these. 

What was different about this trip? It’s the end of one of our busiest quarters since founding the company. We are now a team of 6 with more growth expected. I’m on a plane once a month this year speaking on gift planning strategies and best practices. And I’m closing out my semesters teaching in person on campus while developing a new online course in philanthropy. Whew. And that doesn’t even detail all my volunteer roles!

But time off and away is important, no matter how borrowed it may feel. And it’s definitely feeling borrowed, and not how I expected these days to go. What was supposed to be a three-day unplug has been half to three-quarters day of work on important deadlines thanks to all the groundwork we’ve laid. 

It hit me as I took a break to walk the beach that our journey to follow our purpose is much like the shoreline. In some places, it feels like a big expanse to cross to get to the water. I’m others, it’s shorter and feels easier. Even once we reach the wetter sand along the water, we still sink and wobble now and then. We may feel more solid and sure, but plot twists are alway part of the journey. 

And when the water hits your toes? It’s the best feeling. The goal is accomplished. And you know next time, even as hard as it may feel, even if it takes turns and pauses, you’ll get there. And even if that journey didn’t look like you thought it would, it was still worth it. And you’ll do it again. 

Even if I’m not spending as much time lying on the beach and soaking up rays as I hoped I would, this trip reminded me the journey to spread the impact of gift planning to as many as will listen is the opportunity of a lifetime, and I’m lucky I get to travel this path. 

What journey are you on, and what are you doing to take time to step back and enjoy it, rather than simply be overwhelmed by the grind of it?

– Lisa

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