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About Us

Let’s celebrate the good in giving! That’s the idea behind Fablanthropy, the intersection of fabulous and philanthropy. What began as a blog in 2015 grew into providing workshops to nonprofit colleagues in 2018, and then to a full-service consulting firm in 2020.

Working in the trenches of fundraising is not an easy task. But we are making changes in our communities every day, and we should celebrate the positives of that, no matter how small our triumphs may be. Our team is governed by these principles:

Mission: Philanthropy should feel fabulous, both in giving and receiving. We aim to help organizations maximize their impact in the community, especially through long-term and legacy options.

Vision: To encourage nonprofit professionals to achieve fabulous philanthropic impact in their community, primarily through gift planning strategies to build long-term impact, and the coaching, training, and mentoring of development and executive directors.

Core Values: Knowledge, Impact, Openness

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