Bringing back the Fab

It's been a little quiet here on the Fablanthropy site. Certainly not for lack of activity, as I've been on the road quite a bit in the past year. The last year also had me firmly in capital campaign mode, and I was lucky to see the project I was working on make it to… Continue reading Bringing back the Fab


Share your fablanthropy!

Much good happens every day in the nonprofit world. And we want to hear about it! Fundraisers, we'd like to hear your success stories...big and small. By passing on the positive energy, we all benefit. To help the process along, we'll focus on different themes for different days of the week. Note: this does NOT mean… Continue reading Share your fablanthropy!


Welcome to the intersection of fabulous & philanthropy

When I was in high school, my career ambition was to become a teacher. Today, I’m finishing my seventh year of educational fundraising. I love that I have the chance to impact the lives of our future grown-ups, even if not as directly as my colleagues in the classroom get to experience. Throughout my professional career… Continue reading Welcome to the intersection of fabulous & philanthropy