Fablanthropy comes to you!

Where’s Lisa appearing next? (And where has she been?)

Interested in having Lisa speak to your organization? Ask about these topics or a custom presentation for your audience:

  • The feeding and watering of fundraisers: Serving others through self-care

Serving others is at the core of a fundraiser’s work life. This often translates into putting the needs of donors and volunteers before oneself … a practice which over time can lead to fatigue, burnout, and transition out of a role altogether. This session discusses practical ways fundraising professionals can incorporate self-care concepts to ensure their service to others will continue.

  • How do you relate? Building healthy fundraising relationships

All fundraisers claim relationship building as a critical part of their duties, but what does this truly look like? A variety of relationships exist between you and your donors … how do you ensure they stay off the injured reserve list? Regardless of how you interact with donors (in-person, phone, email, social media or various other technologies), building relationships in a healthy manner is a must for your organization’s longevity as well as your personal ethics as a fundraiser.

  • It’s not about me: Developing organizational depth in donor/volunteer relationships

Fundraising is a relationship business; however, too many times the power of a relationship with a donor or volunteer rests in one individual in an organization. In this session, strategies for building organizational depth in relationships will be shared, including how to include managers and program experts in the relationship building plan.

  • Friends for life: Planned giving stewardship

Most fundraising operates on a continuous cycle: discovery, cultivation, solicitation, stewardship…morphing back into cultivation for the next gift. But what happens when you secure a gift that requires decades of stewardship just to maintain it? Planned gifts provide the ultimate opportunity for a donor to leave his or her mark on an organization, and if not stewarded properly over generations of fundraisers, can be reduced or even lost completely.

This session gives attendees an opportunity to learn how best to steward planned gift donors, with an emphasis on the fact that the professional securing the gift likely will not e the professional on staff when the donor’s gift is realized.  Stewardship tactics (including the importance of record keeping) will be discussed, and participants will have time to work through case studies involving tricky planned gifts.

  • What’s your plan? Implementing a legacy donor program

Has your organization recently launched a planned giving program? Or maybe you’re trying to determine if the time is right to begin? In this session, you’ll learn the foundations needed to begin and grow a successful planned giving program for your school, as well as actionable steps to implement with donors.

  • You said WHAT about us on Facebook? Why your organization needs a social media policy

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Social media is being used to fundraise and engage your constituency. You know the importance of having a presence for your organization on all the major sites. However, without a social media policy and guidelines for your agency, you may be headed for a great downfall. Learn how social media policies benefit agencies of all sizes and shapes, and what you should include in your organization’s policy.

  • Social media planning

Social media can feel like an overwhelming task, but with planning, it can increase engagement with your organization. In this workshop, participants will learn the various tools available and how to best use each one. Successful cases will be shared, and participants will have time to build a plan to maximize social media success in their organization, including how to incorporate volunteer involvement in campaigns.

  • What’s your story? Storytelling for your organization

What is the story of your organization? Why did you become involved? What motivates your volunteers to stay engaged? How is your organization making a difference in the community? In this hands-on workshop, participants will develop ways to share the background and impact of their organization and practice sharing their stories.

  • Engaging volunteers in philanthropy

Volunteers are critical to your organization, but are they adding value to your fundraising efforts? This workshop will discuss how to engage volunteers in the fundraising process, and how to set the stage to attract new volunteers to grow the pipeline in your organization.

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