Here’s how we work with nonprofit organizations and professionals to help maximize fabulous philanthropy. We serve clients in a variety of nonprofit specialties, with a high focus on educational institutions (public and private), and membership-based organizations.

Gift Planning Strategy

Taking an approach of working with you and for you, we empower you to launch or revitalize your gift planning program. This includes strategies to integrate gift planning throughout your philanthropic development team, including all levels of fundraising, marketing and communications, and administration. Our focus on a relationship management approach will translate to impact in your organization.

Development Communication Strategy

From communications audits and plan development, to one-on-one coaching and digital marketing implementation, we take a holistic look at how your communications strategy is impacting your bottom line.  We will work with you to elevate your communications strategy and how it impacts your giving.

Campaign Strategy

Annual fund, giving day, year-end, online, endowment, and capital are all campaigns that can help you develop a comprehensive fundraising plan. Our breadth of experience in communications, marketing, annual giving and frontline fundraising will provide you with the tools you need to be successful in any campaign you choose. 

Gift Acceptance Policies

Donations can come in a variety of formats … does your organization accept non-cash assets (such as art or vehicles)? What do you do when offered a gift of real estate? Or bitcoin? A Gift Acceptance Policy is critical in providing a framework for what your organization will accept, as well as how gift offers will be reviewed and accepted (or declined). Whether you need a policy created or have a policy which needs updating, we can help.

Immersive Education

Whether through 1-on-1 VIF coaching, group workshops (virtual or in-person), or longer-term training, we’ll work alongside you to ensure your team receives the gift planning knowledge to help them succeed in meaningful engagements with donors. A list of previous presentations is available. Also view upcoming events where Lisa is speaking.

Let’s create something together.