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Here’s how we work with nonprofit organizations and professionals to help maximize fabulous philanthropy.

Gift Planning Strategy

One way to ensure the long-term success of your organization is to build a plan for legacy giving among your supporters. Whether you are just starting to explore planned giving opportunities or have a plan which needs refining, we work with you to develop strategy and actionable items for staff and volunteer implementation.

Director 1:1 Coaching

Are you an Executive Director or Development Director in need of a colleague to discuss strategies and ideas with to maximize your success? Whether you are a professional in a small nonprofits who may be the sole fundraiser, or a gift officer in a big shop looking for outside perspective, coaching sessions are available to achieve your goals.

Communications Strategy

A good communications strategy is integral to effective fundraising. We will work with you to create a plan that will maximize your resources to optimize your objectives.

Gift Acceptance Policies

Donations can come in a variety of formats … does your organization accept non-cash assets (such as art or vehicles)? What do you do when offered a gift of real estate? Or bitcoin? A Gift Acceptance Policy is critical in providing a framework for what your organization will accept, as well as how gift offers will be reviewed and accepted (or declined). Whether you need a policy created or have a policy which needs updating, we can help.

Content Creation

Sharing the impact of philanthropy is not only a great way to steward existing donors, but can also lead to additional donations by showing the power of giving to change lives. Short on time to develop collateral and share your stories? In partnership with you, we’ll craft your content for use online and in print publications, including conducting donor and beneficiary interviews (where appropriate) and providing edits to ensure the story honors and inspires the spirit of gratitude.


Whether for a professional association monthly educational session, a conference, or an internal staff or board training, we can provide content that educates and inspires. Topics include: gift planning, relationship building, social media, story telling, and volunteer management. A list of previous presentations is available. Also view upcoming events where Lisa is speaking.

Let’s create something together.

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